Today, in Brazil, it is Friend’s Day, so we want to celebrate that with 10 best friends from different franchises. Here is the list, in alphabetical order:

Half-Life 2 – Alyx and Dog

Alyx & Dog (Half Life 2)

Back in 2004, Half-Life 2 was released and surprised everyone with characters that presented emotion and personality. In many moments throughout the game, the player can watch how well developed the relationship between Alyx and Dog is. No wonder they became fan favourites.

Halo Series – Master Chief and Cortana


Cortana has been Master’s Chief companion since the Halo series began in 2001. She provides backstory and tactical information as well. Both characters develop a relationship that made fans wonder about a possible romance (that didn’t happen — at least yet).

Life Is Strange – Max and Chloe

Chloe _ Max (Life Is Strange)

Life Is Strange is an episodic adventure game from 2015 and, even if it’s so recent, Max and Chloe’s bonding moments already make them player favourites. Even if episodes 4 and 5 are not out yet, we can already find many fan arts with both characters on the Internet.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings – Sam and Frodo


Yes, we know that The Lord of the Rings started as a book franchise, then going to films and finally games, but being able to participate actively in this world was special to its fans. Sam and Frodo are certainly friends for life.

Mario Series – Mario and Luigi


Some brothers are friends. Some are not. Mario and Luigi are best friends in one of the most popular gaming franchises in the whole world. Even if it is not a story-driven series, we can remember many fun moments with them.

Pokémon Yellow – Ash and Pikachu

Ash Pikachu Pokémon

Pokémon began as a game, then turned into an anime that gave us a really cool friendship between Ash and Pikachu. Then, Pokémon Yellow was released for Game Boy Color to help us participate in this world with both of them trying to be the best together. Ah, the fond memories…

Resident Evil Series – Chris and Jill


Chris and Jill have been playable characters since the survival-horror rots of Resident Evil. The fifth game in the series has Chris looking for Jill and the first title in the Revelations series makes them partners again. Definitely a long-lasting friendship!

The Last Of Us: Left Behind – Ellie and Riley

Ellie Rilley The Last of Us

Left Behind is a DLC for the amazing game The Last Of Us, that focus on the relationship between Ellie and Riley, before the main campaign. Throughout the story, the player can enjoy many simple and fun moments with both, just like the picture above.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Lara and Sam

Lara Sam Tomb Raider

When the crew gets stranded in a mysterious island, Lara finds out that her best friend Sam was kidnapped by the inhabitants and goes on a search for her. There are a few moments with both characters together, but enough to understand how deep their friendship is.

Uncharted Series – Nate and Sully

Nate Sully Uncharted

Sully has been Nate’s faithful companion since the very first Uncharted game. In fact, later in the series, we find out how long they know each other, making this one of gaming’s most amazing friendships. And they are almost ready for a new adventure next year with the sequel!