Apple released iOS 8.4 with a huge update in how they manage one of Apple’s main focus since the first iPod released: Music.

iOS 9 soon will be released, possibly with a new version of iPhone and iPad models, and it even has a public beta release. Then why Apple  decided in making an update for such an important app on 8.4? Without a doubt, to gather Apple Music’s audience and create a huge community until its next update.

How does Apple Music work?

Apple Music is a music streaming system, a method popularized by apps such as Spotify. But if it is something that already exists, why then Apple Music deserves so much noise?

  • It is Apple. When Apple release a service, they do their best to not just integrate it with their platforms, but making theAppleMusic user wants it. The old music app on iOS now has just a small section for you own library, and all the rest is dedicated to the new system. Something that, even without the user wanting, will end up bringing hum to that new generation of players.
  • iTunes. Other similar services have sure made a good work on getting the rights of distribution with music owners. But iTunes is at it for quite a while and it is the biggest digital music library in the world, now available on streaming.
  • Price. In US, the individual plan of Apple Music comes with the same price as its biggest competitor: US$9,99. But they also have a family plan, for US$14,99 where 6 users can be subscribed. Besides, there is a 3-months trial.

Those actions alone make Apple Music a good competitor to the genre. Although the focus are on Apple devices, a general surprise occurred when they announced that the app will also be available on Android devices, without releasing date yet.

Beats 1?

Apple Music has its own radio system, also known as b1, that you can hear a radio selected by Apple’s editors on 24/7 and even create your own radio!


Besides several bug fixes, the book system of iOS also had some upgrades. Now it’s possible to browse, listen and download the so called AudioBooks directly from iBooks. As well as a new feature “Now Playing”, that was design specifically for that kind of book.

Books made for iBooks now work on iPhone and iPad, and now it is possible to pre-purchase books right from your library.

Other updates:

As usual, there were some bug fixes and security updates. Among them:

  • Fixes an issue where receiving a specific series of Unicode characters causes device to reboot
  • Fixes an issue that prevented GPS accessories from providing location data
  • Fixes an issue where deleted Apple Watch apps could re-install

In general, it was an update focused on public gathering for Apple Music. If they manage to get that, we can wait for a good improvement of the service on iOS9!