Many new artists ask themselves which way is the best way to create an image that has colors working in harmony. The easiest way is is creating a color palette.

Since the beginning of art, the palette has been used to identify which colors shall be used on your work. What color mix should be done so that the result is harmonic, and doesn’t have visual chaos.

In digital art, it is not much different. But what is the right way to create an color palette in this sense?

In the creative world, there is no such thing as the “right way”. The right way is the way that you identify yourself. But here are 3 little tips that may help you:

  1. Make the color palette before you start painting or after painting the main object. Having in mind which colors should be used, you avoid getting out of the palette and ruin you work! A lot of times, you paint first the main object or character, in a free way, and then, trough it’s colors, you create the palette that will be used for the rest of the work.
  2. Take it easy with the tones! The palette is to help limit the colors you will use. If you add too many colors, it’s the same of not using a palette at all! Have in mind that the tones should be similar to a harmonic drawing.
  3. Make cross palettes. Most of the digital artists creates the palette in this model:

This isn’t wrong. Here, we see cleary 5 different tones of blue, green and yellow, which will serve well for the painting. But it’s a lot easier to make your work in harmony if you follow the cross palette model:

Cross palette is where a tone of each color is the same tone of another. In the example above, we can see that the green and blue color share the same tone.

Keep these tips in mind! Color palettes are very important, that is what will dictate the pace of your work.