Give Me Five has released the latest update for Past Memories on all platforms recently. This new update fixes some minor bugs and adds a new level to the game’s story and a new item. This version is now available on all platforms.

We also want to announce something. As of Tuesday, the 11th, until the 18th, Past Memories will be completely free on the the App Store and Samsung Apps. Unfortunately, Google Play does not support free deals, something that we checked with Google this month. It’s something that we can’t do anything, and feel sorry for, since our intention was to celebrate the last update of the game with gratuity in all stores.

And now, we focus on our next project. If a bug is discovered in Past Memories which we could not find before, we will try and fix it, but in terms of new content, we are finished. Thanks to everyone for their help on our journey and we hope to have news to share soon!