Hello and welcome back to the Give Me Five website! We have plenty of new updates that we’d like to take a moment to share with you.

After a busy 2013 with the release of Past Memories, 2014 was a year of many internal changes. We have a new, diverse team, that is prepared to help us grow and release fun, quality games. We now have our own office with plenty of space for everyone to work and be creative in and as soon as it is finalized, we will display pictures. It will be amazing!

Also in 2014, we partnered with SEBRAE to launch educational games focused on training entrepreneurs.

So, after a long period of such cool projects, we decided that 2015 would be a great moment to renew our site and the interactions we can give to you here.

The first step should be a more up-to-date website. The old one was quite divided and had a different mobile version so we developed a more user friendly and responsive one that adapts to the different screen resolutions depending on what platform you are using. And, if you are on a computer at this time, you can resize your browser and play a bit!

In the redesigned website, everything is cleaner and objective. You can find the most important information on the main page. For more detailed articles such as this one, we created pages focused on reading with a quick shortcut to return.

With Give Me Five’s visual restructuring, special attention was needed on the logo.


The previous logo was created by Alex Leal, one of the founders and former director of Give Me Five. It was well received and fitting for the company’s various successful project.

With new goals in mind, the renewed Give Me Five logo needed to be direct and effective, bringing the lines of modern design into the overall look for the entire company.


Of the various prototypes developed, the one that best fit the new direction of the company, gives us not only a new design, but a symbol, to represent the group.

The expression “give me five” is used in many parts of the world as a celebratory gesture of tapping your hand with another person’s above your heads. With that in consideration, the symbol of the company is now a hand.

The new symbol also encompasses the company’s name itself, turning the palm into a visual representation of the number “5”.


The typography also carries our new goals. Solemness and elegance contrasts with the very meaning of the name, showing our intention to take the creation of entertainment seriously.


Using fewer colours than the previous version of the logo, while keeping the original palette, we explore the meanings of blue: calmness, responsibility and confidence.

That’s not all! We can confirm that we have some games in development and we will be able to talk about them very soon! We have been in production for more than a year with these titles and are very happy with the results achieved so far. Check back for news about them.

We hope you enjoy the changes as much as we do.

We will be adding more of our plans for 2015 soon.

Cheers from the Give Me Five team! :)

* More information on these titles can be found in the Portfolio section.